This 3 hour Course helps participants develop and refine their business model to launch and grow their business. Whether you have a new idea or feel stuck in your business, this course will help you move forward.

Hosted with DO NORTH Coworking and Northeastern Vermont Development Association, this is an opportunity to advance your business!

Part 1: Explore your Idea 

Participants learn how the CO.STARTERS Canvas can help get ideas out of their heads into a format that can be refined over time. They also dive deep into understanding their customers.

Part 2: Refine your Model
Once ideas are mapped out on the Canvas, participants learn how to use customer feedback to refine them. They also are encouraged to find ways to start small in order to get in front of customers sooner and begin testing their ideas.

Part 3: Define Next Steps
As the workshop concludes, participants define actionable steps that can be taken in the next hour, day, week, and month to move their ideas forward.

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